argon2 is an R package for secure password hashing via the argon2 algorithm. It is a relatively new hashing algorithm and is believed to be very secure. The package also includes some utilities that should be useful for digest authentication, including a wrapper of blake2b. For similar R packages, see sodium and bcrypt.

The package includes a source distribution of the latest implementation from the argon2 developers: Note that we are unaffiliated with their project; if we break something, don’t blame them!


You can install the stable version from CRAN using the usual install.packages():


The development version is maintained on GitHub:


If you build the package from source, you can enable CPU vectorization optimizations by using the configure flag --enable-vec. This improvement can not be made the default because of CRAN rules which I disagree with.



pass <- "myPassw0rd!"
hash <- pw_hash(pass)
## [1] "$argon2i$v=19$m=8192,t=20,p=1$KZrdgD04xYK158QoZUEJgQb0QgayasYvjl98hRXf5C7cCqDr/MPARFdp4HtnrSrpZr70SupTrfGVfovUp81VeA$V8WHHdR7a4S0RTOFDAjJCHIerlIjzsPAuPu0rT2lpnObmNOUhldPIgEqBzxQBF71tyjsEIuuRMdG/b5JN3omiA"
## attr(,"hashtype")
## [1] "argon2"

pw_check(hash, pass)
## [1] TRUE
pw_check(hash, "password")
## [1] FALSE
pw_check(hash, "1234")
## [1] FALSE