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Automatic Processing of Close-Range Technologies Point Cloud Data for Forestry Purposes

Process automation of point cloud data derived from terrestrial-based technologies such as Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) or Mobile Laser Scanner (MLS). ‘FORTLS’ enables (i) detection of trees and estimation of tree-level attributes (e.g. diameters and heights), (ii) estimation of stand-level variables (e.g. density, basal area, mean and dominant height), (iii) computation of metrics related to important forest attributes estimated in Forest Inventories (FIs) at stand-level, and (iv) optimization of plot design for combining TLS data and field measured data. Documentation about ‘FORTLS’ is described in Molina-Valero et al. (2022,

Get the lat stable version of FORTLS from GitHub (included in the master branch)

remotes::install_github("Molina-Valero/FORTLS", ref = "devel", dependencies = TRUE)


FORTLS it is being developed at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague and University of Santiago de Compostela.

Development of the FORTLS package is being possible thanks to the following fellowships/projects: